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Dari E-Mailku...10 March 2011

Any information regarding PTPTN loan, please click on this link
Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) was established by the National Higher Educational Fund Board Act 1997 (act 566) which was gazetted on the 1stof July 1997. The main objective is to help and to offer Malaysian students educational loans to pursue their studies at the tertiary level in selected institutions in Malaysia. Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) is included in the PTPTN’s list. Therefore, those students who have registered with MEDIU for diplomas are entitled to apply for the said loan.

Since the establishment of MEDIU in 2008, as a international private university, MEDIU just recently being approved by PTPTN to offer PTPTN loan to local (Malaysian students). Based on statistic, more than ninety-five per cent of the applicants have been successful in their applications. Students must pay back their loan once they have finished their studies or have been employed. The period to repayment for the said loan is ten years for diploma holders.
**Below are some of the frequently-asked-questions on the PTPTN loans:
  • What is PTPTN
    • Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) is under the Ministry of Education which provides the educational loans to all eligible Malaysian students in IPTA or IPTS.
    • Hence, PTPTN offers the loan to the students pursuing their studies at diploma and bachelor degree level only. Students pursuing certificate course are not entitled to a PTPTN loan.

  • What is the maximum amount of loan?
    • The maximum amount of loan that is provided by PTPTN is RM 24,000 for a diploma course and RM 48,000 for degree program (per student). PTPTN will only pay twice a year (excluding short semester).

  • How to apply PTPTN?
    • Students of and studying in MEDIU can buy the OMR form on the registration day for RM 5.00. You can also buy the OMR form from PTPTN at the following address:
Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional,
Lot G2 Tingkat Bawah Wisma Chase Perdana,
Off Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

PTPTN One-Stop Centre Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KLSentral), Level 2.
    • However, starting 13th June 2008 (IPTA) and 1st August 2008 (IPTS) new application must through online process. Students may log on for further information.

  • What are the conditions to apply for PTPTN loan?
    • The students must pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with a minimum of 3 credits.
    • The diploma programs must be approved by Private Higher Education Department (JPS) and National Accreditation Board (LAN).
    • The students should not be holders of any other loan or scholarship.
    • The students must open the SSPN account with PTPTN

  • What kind of supporting documents are needed to apply for PTPTN loan?
    • The students must attach the following documents; a copy of the identity card, a copy of SPM certificate, a copy of MEDIU’s offer letter, a copy of student’s bank account (Bank Islam only), a copy of SSPN account number and a copy of salary slip or J form of the student’s parent or guardian.

  • Who can certify the supporting documents?
    • School headmaster (government school only)
    • Government officer (group A only)
    • Legal Practitioner
    • Commissioner of Oaths
    • Justice of peace
    • State government’s executive councilors (Exco members)
    • Head, Students Fund and Financial Assistance Unit (STUFF)

  • What should be the accurate size for supporting documents in applying for a PTPTN loan?
    • All supporting documents must be in A4 size paper. The original documents are not needed

  • Can I apply for the second time?
    • Students may apply for the new loan only when they have repaid the previous loan.

  • Am I entitled to apply for loan extension from PTPTN?
    • Every student is entitled to apply for a loan-extension based on the following conditions:
      • Changes in academic structure resulting in an extended period of study.
      • Health problems.
      • Study leave with permission from MEDIU and not receiving any payment from PTPTN during the period-study leave.
      • Technical errors (in filling-up the application form) e.g. shorter-study-period-stated instead of the real study period.
      • The applications must be through the Students Fund and Financial Assistance Unit (STUFF) and students must fill up the loan-extension forms. The approval will be based on the availability of funds from PTPTN.

·         What factors will disqualify a student from getting the semester payment from PTPTN?
o    Study leave during the normal semester
o    The GPA result of normal semester is below 2.0

·         How does PTPTN release my educational loan?
o    Basically, PTPTN will disburse a total sum base on programs per normal semester. Consequently, PTPTN will pay a portion of the said sum directly into MEDIU’s account as tuition fee and credit the balance as pocket money into student’s account.
o    Nonetheless, there are instances in which PTPTN will pay directly the total sum into student’s account. If this occurs the student must refer to STUFF and is strictly prohibited to use the money without first consultation STUFF. STUFF has the right to make an official report to PTPTN if student misuses or misappropriates the said money.

·         What are the codes for MEDIU and diploma / degree programs for the purpose of students’ loan?
o    The code for MEDIU is BN1.

  • EPF Withdrawal
    • Contributors to the Employees’ Provident Fund are entitled to apply from the agency to withdraw from their account-2. They may withdraw to finance their own studies or their children’s. MEDIU will not be involved in the said application. But the student concern may request from ASFD for the certification letter needed for that purpose. The EPF withdrawal is applied only for diploma and bachelor program.

  • SOCSO Loan
    • Although there is no withdrawal for SOCSO members to finance their education, any student may apply for a study loan facility from SOCSO. But there are conditions; must be full time students and there shall be no other sponsors or sponsors for the purposes of funding the students’ studied in MEDIU. The amount of loan to be disbursed will be determined by SOCSO. Students who are interested to apply may get the application forms from SOCSO’s headquarters or branches. The processing period will take two months.

1st Stage invoice - Administrative fees

On Line Student

 1. Processing fee ( one off) *
 2. Registration Fee & student card (one off) *
 3. Orientation / Student Activity  Fee (one off) *
 4. Administrative (per semester) *
 5. Library membership fee (Yearly) *

Payment method  /  طرق الدفع
1.      This payment method in only for student who stay in Malaysia only.        . هذه الطريقة فقط للطلاب الذين يعيشون في دولة ماليزيا
You can pay your fees by :  يمكنك دفع الرسوم بالطرق التالية 
a) Direct Deposit to our  account  :  إيداعها مباشرة الى حساب الجامعة  
Bank Name / إسم البنك
: HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad
Pay  to / إدفع الى
Bank  Account No / حساب رقم
: 050-009463-021

Fax or email to us your bank in slip after making payment.
Strictly stated your ID/Ref No and your name on your bank in slip.
نرجو إرسال ايصال الدفع عبر الفاكس و لا تنسى أن تكتب عليه و بوضوح رقمك المرجعي/رقم التسجيل

 2.    This payment method in only for International student only (Outside Malaysia).
هذه الطريقة للطلاب خارج ولة ماليزيا                           
 a) EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) directly to our account as per below:
عن طريق التحويل التلغرافي من أي بنك في العالم الى الحساب التالي          

Bank Name /  إسم البنك
: HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad
Pay  to / إدفع الى
Bank Account No / حساب رقم                 
: 050-009463-021
Swift Code

Bank Name /  إسم البنك
Pay  to / إدفع الى
Bank Account No / حساب رقم                 
: 12300 1080410313
Swift Code

Bank Name / إإسم البنك
Pay to / إدفع الى
Bank Account No / حساب رقم                 
: 002105000742 
Swift Code

Fax or email to us your bank in slip after making payment.
Fax No : 603 5511 3940
Strictly stated your ID/Ref No and your name on your bank in slip.
 نرجو إرسال ايصال الدفع عبر الفاكس و لا تنسى أن تكتب عليه و بوضوح رقمك المرجعي/رقم التسجيل

Once we receive your payment we will issue receipt to you. Kindly check your mail box for the update.
(3 to 5 days after payment date will be needed for payment confirmation and issuance of receipt)